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You can contribute to the effort

Many (not all) of our virtual events are FREE of charge.  That's right...FREE and membership is NOT required.  However, the vast majority of our attendees find great value in the virtual events that we offer.  As such, they choose to contribute financially to these efforts.  Please note: financial contributions are not tax deductible.  

If you would like to contribute, please feel free to do so online in the amount of $50 by selecting the contribute button below.



You may also mail your contribution in any amount to:


Hillstock & Associates, LLC

Attn: Virtual Events

3504 Highway 153 #322

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And the Survey Says...

Feedback from our participants


We always conduct online surveys following our virtual events to gleam insights from our participants.  We typically receive a 38-41% response rate.  The information listed below reflects the survey feedback received from our participants within 14days of survey release.

Unconventional Methods:
  • 100% found the information shared to be useful.

  • 100% agreed (or strongly agreed) that each session delivered the information participants expected to receive.

  • 100% agreed (or strongly agreed) that the pace of the virtual summit was satisfactory.

  • 92% agreed (or strongly agreed) that the subject matter of each session was presented effectively.

  • 92% agreed (or strongly agreed) that the duration of the virtual summit was sufficient for the material covered.

  • 83% found that that they gained new knowledge applicable to their work as a result of this virtual summit.

  • 0% noted technical difficulties experienced during the event.

Other comments:


-  "I was thoroughly impressed! I love this format and can't wait to participate in future summits!"

-  "Terrific and informative webinar!"

-  "Overall the presentations I saw were great."

-  "Thank you for bringing this opportunity to e-learning professionals. It was insightful and great to put faces to names."