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ISD | Closing the Gap

January 17, 2020 | 9am - 4pm EST

As each day passes, the expectations placed on instructional designers grow and change.  As a seasoned instructional designer, we truly appreciate your interest in helping others learn more about the field and hone in their skills.  As such, we thank you for considering facilitating a session at our upcoming virtual workshop entitled, ISD: Closing the Gap, scheduled for January 17, 2020


We are expecting quality sessions, focused on methods, tips, and tricks used to help close the gap between concept and execution.

Session ideas may include (but are not limited to):

  • ways new IDs can quickly identify a solution to a specific training need and/or hone in on the use of a specific instructional design approach

  • methods for connecting with and presenting ideas to SMEs, stakeholders, and sponsors

  • ideas on ways new IDs can keep the momentum of their training project going, even when they are met with rejection


This event is open to representatives from within various sectors, including (but not limited to): Higher Education, Healthcare, Corporate, Nonprofit, and Government Organizations. There is no fee to attend, but contributions are accepted.

Workshop Expectations

All sessions included within this event are expected to be hands-on, providing participants with practical skills, techniques, or ideas that can be used in a daily practice.  As such, facilitators are strongly encouraged to prepare creative sessions that deeply engage participants in a collaborative way. 


At a minimum, sessions should include:


  • a brief description of your topic and its importance to instructional designers (to be used on the program page)

  • ways in which instructional designers can apply concepts in daily practice,

  • efforts to actively engage participants, noting that this is a virtual workshop (noting keyword: workshop) so activities must be adaptable to the virtual environment

  • expectations of participants during the workshop, and 

  • a list of take-a-ways for those participating in your session


All sessions will take place online.  As such, all facilitators are encouraged to include activities, tools or techniques to actively engage participants.  The maximum time frame allotted for each session is 45min (to include Q/A).

Timeline & Other Details

As a facilitator, you agree to:

  • register for the virtual workshop by January 6, 2020 ​(no worries, registration is FREE)

  • submit the final electronic versions of presentation materials for use within the resource library no later than Monday, January 13, 2020

  • your session being recorded and used by Hillstock & Associates, LLC

  • no monetary compensation being offered/provided to facilitators


Simply email your thoughts or questions to info@hillstockassociates.com with subject line: ISD | Closing the Gap

Event Sponsors

Trivantis elearning software solutions is the provider of Lectora (and several other authoring tools).