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Many of our prior workshop attendees and customers like to continue the discussion within our online forums.  We currently have two primary online forums, as follows:


  • Instructional Design Community:  This community is intended to provide an opportunity for all instructional designers to learn and share thoughts and ideas.

  • Leadership Community: This online community is intended to provide a "safe" place for reflection, learning, and collaboration for leaders of all levels.

Before you can post or reply in these forums, you will need to join our community.  We rely on all members to help keep these discussion forums a safe place for people to share and view information. By joining, you agree to the following online forum community rules:


  1. Treat contributions made by other members with respect.

  2. Feel free to reach out and offer support when you see the need. And ask for support when you need it.

  3. Have patience and a sense of humor with technology. There will be hiccups, expect them.

  4. Keep an open mind. If you’re feeling reluctant, that’s ok. Take it one step at a time and look at this as an opportunity to learn something new.

  5. Contribute regularly to collaborative activities to ensure other members of the community have ample opportunity to read/listen, reflect, and respond to your ideas.

  6. Respect the diverse opinions and viewpoints of each member of our community. Differences allow us to learn and grow together.

  7. Understand that communications shared through text have a higher likelihood of being misinterpreted than the spoken word. Therefore, when you type a thought or a comment, read it carefully before you submit it. If you question the way it is worded, read it out loud to yourself. If you still question the way it’s phrased, rewrite it.

  8. Contribute regularly to group dialogue and feel free to share resources. The contributions of each individual play a role in the collective strength and diversity of our community.

  9. All image and video content shared within this community should reflect acceptable industry standards and should not be copyright protected (unless the poster has permission to post). You are expected to use discretion and, if asked, you will be expected to demonstrate how your content supports the theme of our community.

  10. Any community member has the ability to create a new discussion forum in our course. However, the individual who creates the forum immediately takes on the responsibility of moderating it. This means you have committed to regularly responding to new comments and greeting new members of the forum.

  11. If, at any time, you feel that any of these ground rules have been violated by a member of our community, you are encouraged to email your concern directly and immediately to subject line Forum Abuse. Clearly identify which ground rule has been violated and include specific evidence of the violation in your email. Your concerns will be addressed promptly with careful consideration in an individualized manner.


Note: Hillstock & Associates maintains the right moderate and remove posts and threads without prior notification.